best sleeping position for lower back pain in 2020

best sleeping position for lower back pain tips update

Are you dealing with lower back pain for a long time? You are not the only person who suffers from this bad painful situation.  Throughout the world, you can find lots of people suffer from this problem. It is the most common problem among people. But the exciting thing is that this problem caused by the wrong sleeping position, sudden stress of back and other bad habitual work.

The good thing is that you can quickly get rid of this problem by following some simple tricks or suggestions.  By changing some habits and changing your sleeping position you can overcome this painful condition. If you have severe lower back pain, then try some best position to sleep for lower back pain. Today we are discussed about some best position to sleep. Follow this and get yourself pain-free.

Try to sleep in a fetal position best sleeping position for lower back pain

If you have a bulged disc, you can try to sleep on your comfortable sleeping side with a similar fetal position. To do this first, you have to lay down on back then curl your body in your comfortable sleeping side. After that push your knee in the direction of your chest and curl your upper body toward your knees gently. To maintain a proper balance change, you’re sleeping side after some time.

This sleeping position helps to open up space for your vertebral disk. So, that pain will not feel during your sleeping time.

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Put a pillow sandwiched between your knees.

Sleeping flat and straight position is not comfortable for most of the people. People who don’t like the flat sleeping position can try this sleeping position. For this position first you have to choose your side to turn over your shoulder, and your shoulder should be in a relaxing position. Make sure that the shoulder gets in touch with your bed. Then put a pillow in the middle position of your knees. You can choose the pillow size according to your comfort. It will support your backside and reduce pain. The pillow between your knees remains your spin and other body parts straight. So, the awkward sleeping position may not occur.

Place a pillow on your abdominal area.

You may have listened to that sleeping on the stomach is, in fact, harmful for back pain. Because it may cause stress to your neck and as a result pain occur. But when you sleep on your stomach then place a pillow on your lower abdominal area. The pillows support your back and relax your shoulder also.

Most of the neck pain is caused by disc disorder. Pillow under the stomach supports the disc and relieves pain.

Try to sleep in lie back position with a pillow under the knee

Sleeping on the back site is the best way to get rid of back pain. It keeps your body straight and relaxed position. But it is quite hard to remain straight on the whole night. For your comfort, you can place a pillow under your knee. It supports your back in a straight posture.

The benefit of sleeping on back position is it maintains your weight equally spread and extended throughout your whole body. Because of that your pain area becomes stress-free during sleeping time. Your internal body parts and spine also remain straight.

Sleeping on the front side

Some people thought that lie on the front side is a bad habit. This is more or less true. But if you lie by keeping your head in a down position on pillow, then it will be helpful for you. Take a soft medium size pillow for sleeping time. Keep your head down on the pillow remain some breathing space. It reduces your back stress gradually.

Besides a different kind of sleeping position, there are some more things to do for your back pain. Some important points are-

What type of pillow should you buy?

A pillow supposed to be maintained the normal position of the neckline and maintain the spine balance. When it’s time to choose a pillow, then some points should be considered. An ideal pillow should be firm, relaxed and useable in different positions. Memory foam pillows are suitable because it is firm in texture.

Pillow must be chosen based on your sleeping habits or position. But should ton choose too high or too thin? The hard and thick pillow causes neck pain and stress on your spinal cord.

So, choose a pillow that keeps your body part at a straight alignment.

What type of mattress should you buy?

The mattress is another essential thing for good sleeping. It also effects on back pain. Too soft or too hard mattresses both are harmful to you. To get rid of back pain you should choose a firm texture mattress that provides the best support to your back. If you have back pains on your present bed, then try to change it quickly. It will help you to get more comfortable sleeping.

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Some health tips to be followed

Some daily routine should be maintained if you have back pain. Avoid some stressful activity like hard exercise, long-distance driving, etc. Do not take tea or coffee before sleeping time. Do not use any device like a mobile, music player or TV to getting sleepy. These should not do even you have not any back pain.

Final Word best sleeping position for lower back pain.

Lower back pain or back pain is such a painful feeling. It makes you disturbed all the time. To get rid of this you should take suggestions from an expert doctor. In most cases, back pain caused by wrong sleeping position. So, first of all, you should change your sleeping position to get rid of it.

In the above discussion, we try to explain some different suitable sleeping position for back pain relief.  But which one is best for you? To know that you should try different to know which position is comfortable for you. Choose a suitable sleeping position for you. It will help you to get relief from your back pain.

If you feel that your problem caused by your mattress, then before change your mattress, you should change your sleeping area first. If you feel better in another bed, then you should change your mattress immediately.

To avoid more main and stress to your back avoid suddenly wake up in the morning when you sleep then your spinal cord or discs set as you sleep in the whole night. So, it takes time to get back in normal position. So, you should take the time to get up from bed in the early morning, period pain.

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The best way to find your best position to sleep for lower back pain is to try all different ways. Then choose one or two of them. Hope you will enjoy this article and it will help with your back pain.


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