How to sleep better at night naturally (Top 10 method)

Did you know How to sleep better at night naturally? You don’t know that difficulty sleeping , affect 10 to 30% of adults, at least once a month 

That’s why sleeping pills are becoming a popular option to help you fall asleep. However, we all know that pills and medicines should always be our last resort . In today’s blog, we will show you. How to sleep better with natural methods.

One of the biggest problems to sleep is insomnia, which can be caused by three factors: Taking too long to fall asleep, waking up many times during the night, and waking up too early and not being able to fall back asleep. To sleep well, it is important to get rid of insomnia. Do you want to learn techniques to sleep better ?

Well, here are a couple of tips which will help tremendously when it involves getting a good night’s sleep. Many of us handling insomnia don’t need to resort to taking a sleeping tablet we just have to understand a secure, natural approach which will help us get the rest we need .

It’s said that 92% of individuals lay awake in the dark due to stress and worry.

Here are 10 tips, how to sleep better at night naturally…

1. Don’t watch more than a half-hour of news on TV every day. It’s amazing how bad news and world events can subconsciously cause you not to get a better sleep night. Your mind stores things that you simply see every day although you’re not really conscious of it. So be very careful about what you fill your mind with.

2. Reduce your caffeine intake. Caffeine may be a stimulant and if you drink excessive amounts of tea or coffee, then that can cause you to remain awake in the dark. If you want to have tea or coffee, drink it within the earlier part of the day so it won’t be available to play once you try to urge some sleep.

3. Unwind in evening try to find out how to relax more in the evening after you get home. Once dinners is over and after the kids are in bed, take a while for yourself.

4. Well, something as simple as eating well and exercise can help more than that you think. Confirm that you eat a range of foods and check out to limit the quantity of sugar that you intake.

5. Taking a ripe banana every day before going to bed helps promote sleep because they contain muscle relaxants like magnesium and potassium. Banana is also a carb and contains an amino acid called tryptophan which optimizes sleep.

6. Washing your legs thoroughly with a little warm water before going to bed also relaxes the muscles and induces sleep.

7 . And lastly, keep a fixed time for going to bed every day and do not deviate under normal circumstances . Eat 2 hours before going to bed, The quality of your foods directly affects your sleep. A diet focused on real food, with magnesium and other minerals and vitamins, will help with tryptophan and melatonin. Avoid ingesting caffeine close to going to bed.

8. Dim the light in your house, slow down, take a relaxing bath, and avoid things that leave you agitated. Create a rest favorable environment signal to your body that it is time to go to bed. Such as video games, TV, and loud music. Opt for white noise , like water, wind, classical music, etc. Every the noise of your air conditioner of fan help your fall asleep.

9.  The temperature in your room is another factor that can affect your rest. Studies show that the ideal temperature should be between 67 and 69F, for most people.

10. when you practice physical activities too close your bedtime, even four hours before, they can hinder muscle relaxation, which will it harder to sleep. Meditate before sleeping according to studies, guided meditation can help you fall asleep. Relaxing and concentrating will help you clean your mind . and you will sleep better.

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Besides these tips, 

There’s also the 4-7-8 technique, which can facilitate your sleep and make your fall asleep faster. This technique consists of laying down and breathing through your nose, counting 4 seconds. Hold your breath for 7 seconds, ad release all the air through your mouth for 8 second. The 4-7-8 technique can help regulate your breathing, relax your body , and calm your mind. Breathe deep, using your diaphragm, and expand your abdomen. Repeat until you fall asleep. If nothing helps, try using lavender oil. Lavender is calming and can help with insomnia. Just spray or apply one drop of lavender oil on your pillow.    You can also apply only a drop of oil on your temples and massage. To calm down, Breath deeply before going to sleep. It is an excellent way to use this calming oil. According to statistics, around 40% of the population has some kind of trouble sleeping.  Without a good night’s sleep, your body is not able to regenerate as it should, and your productivity and your health are the ones to pay the price. Tell us, do you have any trouble sleeping?   Sleep is an invaluable gem of a person, sleep keeps people healthy, if someone gets full sleep then there is a possibility of getting sick, so everyone should sleep at the right time.

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    How can i sleep better ?

       answer  : Comfortable mattress and pillow sleeping, make the room a
sleeping environment. Survive secluded places to sleep.


   How do u go to sleep fast? 

answer  :  Choose a low temperature room. Set a
specific time schedule. Which you can      adhere to every day. Turn off the lights in
your room.


    What are the home remedies to help you sleep at night ?

answer  :  Drink milk or water.
Select the cool room. Darken the room before going to sleep. 

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