Best pillow with arm hole in 2021

Are you tired of waking up in the middle of the night feeling like you have a dead arm, numb, and not to mention the tingles that come after?   Still, you do not want to give up tucking your arm comfortably under your pillow.    Well, you can fix this with the right pillow, no more death, and tingly arms during the night.

Do you place your hand under your pillow when sleeping?  Do you wake up to a numb arm?  You can choose the pillow for Arm Hole or best pillow with arm hole from here 

We will also advise you on how to select these pillows to suit your needs and a couple of maintenance tips thereafter.

Is lying in your arms good or bad for you?

Many people enjoy sleeping on their side, and lots of times, they like to place their arm under the pillow.
Like every other sleeping position sleeping on your side has both its bad points as well as good points.

Side sleepers with neck problems may wake up with aches and pains the next morning since they do not get the proper support during the night. Another issue I believe we are all familiar with when sleeping on your side is the pressure on your arm and shoulder.

Many individuals like to place their arm under their pillow, which then carries the weight of your head; this can cause numbness and tingle in that arm, which may disrupt your sleep during the night. Similarly, there is pressure placed on your shoulder when sleeping on your side that can cause aches and pains, and likewise, a stiff shoulder and neck in the morning.

On the other hand, there are also many positive benefits to sleeping on your side. Sleeping on your side can help to alleviate symptoms related to GERD and acid reflux, such as nausea and coughing. On the contrary, sleeping on your side, that is with the correct sleeping materials and alignment, is good for neck pain and shoulder pain. Then there is similarly, sleep apnea, this can be cured by sleeping on your side.

Features of a pillow with arm hole;

When considering the best options in a pillow that accommodates your arm and shoulders for side sleeping, here are a few factors to look at;

Arm support such as an arm hole or side council to rest your arm on.
Good contoured support for neck and shoulder.
Butterfly shape with various heights can similarly be a good choice.
Neck and arm supporting wings or angles.
A horseshoe-shaped contoured pillow.
A more familiar, designed pillow that provides for a gap connecting your head.
A pillow shaped or stacked with various heights.


5 Of The Best Pillow With Arm Hole.

1. MedCline Bed Wedge and Body 

Best pillow with arm hole

3.Better Sleep Pillow Fiber Fill Pillow

pillow with a hole

4.Reading Pillow with Arms Back for Sitting in Bed

bed rest pillow with arms and cup holder

 5. Shoulder Support System and Neck Support Pillow​

backrest pillow with arms

1. MedCline Bed Wedge and Body pillow

Best pillow with arm hole

The MedCline Bed Wedge and Body Pillow connect a bed wedge and a body pillow to turn the top body into a healthy sleeping position.

It also has an arm hole where the sleeper can set the arm and shield it from the excess upper body weight that produces the arm to be numb.

The pillow offers support to persons suffering from snoring, disease and may help with other common stomach issues.

The design of this pillow assures the sleeper who rolls and turns lives in a static position throughout the night.


In addition, MedCline Bed Wedge and Body Pillow is free in small, medium, and big sizes to give an elevated sleeping posture of between 4’8” and 6’3” (5 degrees to 20 degrees angle).

A queen-size bed can accommodate two so pillows giving them a great fit for a couple.

We highly recommend this specialized pillow.



  • Product Dimensions; 52 x 30 x 14 ”
  •  Item Weight; 20 p
  •  Manufacturer; Amenity Health
  •  Is Discontinued By Manufacturer; No
  •  Specialty; Hypoallergenic
  •  Batteries Required; No

2. SRSS The Shoulder pillow

side sleeper pillow with arm hole

The Arm Pillow for Side Sleepers By Shoulder Relief Support System is a headrest by an arm hole. It measures 22 inches wide by 31 inches long by 8 inches high.

It holds your modern pillow firmly in a comfortable upslope sleeping environment.

In this sleeping situation, upper body weight is lifted away from the joints, making this shoulder guide system ideal for people who toss and turn at night or are dealing with shoulder. Also Don’t miss check our article best pillow for tailbone pain.

Side sleepers can sleep on whichever side they favor and still experience the same benefits of the pillow in relieving shoulder difficulties like rotator cuff pain and shoulder arthritis.

This Arm Pillow for Side Sleepers is created of a cloth/leather/polyester element that keeps a hot sleeper cool throughout the night.


  • Item Weight; 7 pounds.
  •  Manufacturer; SRSS.
  •  Is Discontinued By Manufacturer; No.
  •  Fabric Type; Foam / Cotton / Polyester.
  •  Fill material Type; Foam.
  •  Warranty; Manufacturer warranty for 15 days.
  •  Batteries Required; No
  •  Import Designation; Made in the USA

3.Better Sleep Pillow Fiber Fill Pillow

pillow with a hole


The Better Sleep Fiber Fill Pillow is a thickly quilted pillow by arm tunnels on the front and middle sections.

Its ergonomic design gives the appropriate arm positioning for side or belly sleepers who tend to support their heads with their arms when sleeping.

You can flip this pillow to do a better sleeping posture.  This ensures no longer waking up to a stiff or numb arm.

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For persons dealing with snoring, higher body muscle aches, or tossing, and turning, the Better Sleep Fiber Fill Pillow is a great solution for a peaceful sleep.



  • Product Dimensions; 22 x 13 x 5 inches
  • Item Weight; 3 pounds
  • Manufacturer; Living Healthy Products LLC
  • Included Components; Bed Pillow

4.Reading Pillow with Arms Back for Sitting in Bed

bed rest pillow with arms and cup holder

The MittaGonG Memory Foam Pillow is a wedge type 3D memory foam pillow that is tailored by you in mind.

It offers luxury, functionality, and durability for persons who prefer to rest their heads on a pillow while doing other activities.

It is formed from a super soft memory foam material that recovers its shape after use. best throw pillows for leather couch more good pillow easy use.

The Memory Foam Pillow By Arm Hole can also be practiced as a leg rest.

One partner seat put his arm through the pillow’s tunnel before using the arm as head support for the other partner, hence lifting the pressure off their arm.


  • Product Dimensions; 12.6 x 12.6 x 4.33 inches
  • Item Weight 1.5 pounds
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer; No
  • Fill material; Type Memory Foam
  • Batteries Required; No

5. Shoulder Support System and Neck Support Pillow

backrest pillow with arms

The Shoulder Support System by Additional Neck Support Pillow gives a support system for both the shoulders and neck ensuring you sleep comfortably under the gentle support of the additional neck pillow.

It utilizes an upper-body wedge part with a hollow design to provide room for the lower arm.

This pillow rest is designed to turn your upper body starting of the waist up while putting zero pressure on your arm.

There is an extra neck support pillow to position the head at a healthy angle for sleep.


  • Product Dimensions; 31 x 22 x 8 inches
  • Item Weight; 8.98 pounds
  • Manufacturer; SRSS
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer; No
  • Batteries Required; No

Buyer’s Guide to the Pillow with Arm Hole;

Now that you are acquainted with all of the different features of these pillows, how do you ensure you enjoy maximum benefits from your purchase?

Consider the following attributes when you start on purchasing the pillow:

Size and Ergonomic Design

The size of the pillow with arm hole is an important aspect to consider for every person’s arm length, and thickness differs. Buy a full pillow if you toss and use it quite often. 

Similarly, consider the height angle produced by the pillow. You do not want to buy a pillow that will reduce neck, shoulder pain, and instead, experience pain on your lower back. Pick a pillow with the right density for your sleeping environment.

Various manufacturers offer a variety of sizes for the customer to choose from. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on the pillow size that best matches your body size.


The best material for orthopedic pillows gives maximum comfort by their soft, breathable fabric. These pillows do hypoallergenic, easy to clean, and manage and regain their shape after use.

When choosing such cushions, prioritize the pillows made of memory foam, latex-free, or any other eco-friendly material.

Such materials should improve their form after use and keep the user well ventilated throughout the night.

Multi-Purpose Use

Consider making a pillow

 that has more than one use.

A cushion that can serve as leg support, serve as neck support while traveling, and still be useful to more than one type of sleeper would be excellent.

This spares you the demand for additional pillows.

Ease of Use

Some sleepers have a difficult time adjusting to the sleeping posture created by the pillow with arm hole. Hence, you should consider the length of time it will take before getting used to using this type of pillow.

Otherwise, you may chance to get more shoulder and neck complications.

Some Tips to Cleaning and Maintaining Your Pillow

To keep your pillow with arm hole in the tip-top pattern, follow the following cleaning and maintenance tips:

Follow the manufacturer’s directions regarding the proper use and cleaning of the pillow.

Make it a daily routine to puff up the pillow when you are ordering the rest of the bed.

All pillows should be put dry at all times.

Wash the pillow cover/protector alongside other covers at least once a month.

If the cushion is not fast, ensure you use a pillow protector to keep it free of dirt, allergens, and dampness.

Remove stubborn stains from the pillow using a mixture of baking soda and water. Add some drops of vinegar to the paste to remove bad smell.

Replace your cushion normally as per the manufacturer’s suggestions. Otherwise, if the pillow is disfigured or fails to regain its original shape even after puffing it up, you should replace such a pillow immediately. If you also suffer from heightened incidences of allergy-related ailments, consider purchasing another cushion.

                                       – FAQs-

Q. Are All Pillows By Arm Holes Designed For Side Sleepers?

No. Generally talking, pillows with arm holes are for both side sleepers and stomach sleepers.

The other sleepers can still use these pillows since they have multi- uses as detailed in the analysis above.

Q. What Is The Perfect Firmness For A Pillow With An Arm Hole?

Pillows with arm hole are possible in varying densities to suit the individual needs of the users.

More flexible cushions are ideal for stomach sleepers whereas firmer pillows are suitable for side sleepers.

As a rule of a finger, the pad should not lose its ergonomic shape when you use it.

Q. Where Should I Purchase A Pillow By An Arm Hole?

There a variety of situations both online and at retail stores where you can purchase a specialized pillow, including Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, CVS, and more. We

 think the best place to purchase your pillow is on


A pillow with an arm hole is a unique pillow that provides you the freedom to sleep the way you prefer without compromising on your health.

These pillows’ following is attributable to the multi-functional, easy to clean and maintain, and additional benefits.

To create a smooth transition from a standard pad to a side sleeper pillow with arm hole, consider using your current pillow on the wedge component. Once you get the feeling of it, you may then choose to experiment on the above types of these pillows.

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